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Product Spotlight: NutriClean® 7-Day Cleansing System with Stevia

Proper detoxification goes hand in hand with good health. That’s why there’s no better time to consider a detox than at the start of a brand-new year! Whether you’re considering jump-starting your weight loss efforts, or you simply want to detoxify your system of impurities, read on to learn about the many benefits of NutriClean® 7-Day Cleansing System with Stevia.

The NutriClean 7-Day System — a colon and liver cleansing system — uses exceptional herbs and botanicals to detoxify, cleanse, and purify the digestive tract and liver. In providing select nutrients and botanicals, the NutriClean 7-Day System mildly purges the body of potential or accumulated toxins. This innovative three-step process only requires a week to cleanse your digestive system. NutriClean has helped many people support their colon health by providing a cleansing system that helps combat the effects of poor diet and environmental toxins. The NutriClean 7-Day System is a powerhouse of herbs, fibers, and extracts that offers unparalleled digestive and liver support that can be customized by individual users.*

The NutriClean 7-Day System is an excellent cleansing tool that should be used twice a year for optimal digestive, liver and colon health. There are three components to the NutriClean 7-Day System, which work in tandem to provide a cleansing, rejuvenating effect and maintain proper digestive health to promote maximum performance of each of these vital systems. To ensure proper health, it is beneficial to begin with a clean slate. Market America’s NutriClean 7-Day System is a three-pronged approach that works diligently to cleanse the digestive system as it flushes out the colon, and supports the body’s natural processes of restoration and cleansing.

This 7-Day system contains three components:

HepatoCleanse — capsules cleanse the liver

Release tablets — cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and enhance peristalsis

Fiber Powder — provides much needed fiber and beneficial bacteria to the colon

Market America has created a powerful system that can meet everyone’s needs. When taken as directed, the NutriClean 7-Day System can not only provide you with a proactive means to support colon health, but several associated benefits as well.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Resource: http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/product-spotlight-nutriclean-7-day-cleansing-system-with-stevia

Product Spotlight: NutriClean® Probiotics

Did you know that your digestive tract is home to over 400 different types of microbes? These microbes include healthy bacteria called probiotics, and potentially unhealthy bacteria. With all those different types of bacteria, finding the best way to maintain optimal digestive health can be daunting.

When choosing a probiotic supplement, it’s important to select a product that provides your body with numerous strains of probiotics. While many products on the market deliver a high total probiotic count, they are only coming from one or two strains. We developed NutriClean® Probiotics to deliver comprehensive support by providing the body with 10 different strains of probiotics with patented LiveBac® and Bio-tract® technologies. Each strain has a unique purpose and work together to support everything from immune health to digestive regularity.

Rather than listing each probiotic individually and bogging you down with hard-to-pronounce names like Lactobacillus plantarum, let’s talk about how these hand-picked probiotic strains benefit you. Probiotics are probably best known for promoting good digestive health and bowel regularity. NutriClean® contains several strains that have been shown to do all that plus promote overall digestive comfort. And let’s be honest: there’s nothing worse than being an on-the-go entrepreneur who suffers from the discomfort resulting from an occasional irregular digestive tract.

In addition to promoting good digestive health, NutriClean® includes probiotic strains that play a major role in supporting your metabolism and immune system, while at the same time reducing potentially unhealthy bacteria that are naturally present in the body. Your body is a bacteria battlefield; NutriClean® can give you the support you need to stay healthy and win the fight for digestive health!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Resource: http://blog.marketamerica.com/blog/product-spotlight-nutriclean-probiotics



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