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Organ Clock – Qi

There is a time for everything in Traditional Chinese Medicine

...and timing and schedule are crucial to maintain one's health and well being.

Our bodies move like clockwork and each organ meridian has a two hour period when qi (energy) is at its peak.  The qi flows clockwise through the 12 meridians over a 24 hour period and shifts between Yin (cold) and Yang (hot) energies.  Living according to the clock can strengthen our health.

In a day, the 12 meridians are rivers of energy that carry qi through our bodies and the organ functions best when energy is focused there.  Completing the activity, such as eating, at the right time, ensures that the energy flows properly and the digestive system works at its best.

Disrupted energy flow can lead to health related problems.

The outside circle displays the meridian and the associated time.

1am – 3amLiver Meridian – It is during this time that the liver begins its cleansing function by dispelling toxins and producing fresh new blood.

3am – 5amLung Meridian – It is during this time that the lung distributes the energy and blood produced by the liver to the organs. The body begins to switch from Yin to Yang.

5am – 7amLarge Intestine Meridian – During this time the bowel prepares to move.

7am – 9amStomach Meridian – Time for Breakfast, as your qi energy begins to rise.

9am- 11amSpleen Meridian –  During this time blood and energy flow to the spleen to support metabolism, conversion of nutrients into blood and energy and sends them to the muscles. Qi energy continues to rise.

11am – 1pmHeart Meridian – Time for lunch and rest as your body prepares for the rest of the day.

1pm – 3pm –  Small Intestine Meridian – During this time the small intestine works to separate and distribute digested nutrients.

3pm – 5pmBladder Meridian – During this time the bladder promotes detoxification as toxins are passed through the urine.

5pm – 7 pmKidney Meridian – During this time the kidney begins the function of cleansing the blood.

7pm – 9pmCirculation Meridian –  During this time any pathogenic energy is dispelled to protect the heart.

9pm – 11pmTriple Warmer Meridian – During this time your digestion system rests.

11pm – 1amGall Bladder Meridian – During this time the body switches from Yin to Yang.