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The Booming Market of Baby Products

Miracles are born every day, and today’s parents are more concerned than ever with finding the best products out there for them.
By Heather Pike

Approximately 370,000 babies are born worldwide every day. In the world of retail marketing, this equates to a booming market of potential customers to offer a very specifi c range of goods. The marketplace of baby care products is expected to reach $52 billion worldwide this year, and grow to $66.8 billion by 2017.1 This increase in revenue has been attributed to an increase in the age of first-time parents, which generally means that they have higher and more disposable incomes.

One notable change in the marketplace of baby goods is the products parents are demanding. Parents are becoming more and more discerning when it comes to what skincare products and nutritional supplements they buy for their children. Up until recently, parents paid little attention to what ingredients were in the products they purchased for their children. “Many years ago, no one cared about natural or organic products,” said Lee McKenzie, RN, a pediatric nurse with over 30 years of experience. “I think the trend toward natural, organic, eating right, and doing the right thing for your body is happening — finally. Parents care about what they use for their children and what they feed their children. You don’t want to put junk in your child, and you don’t want to put junk on your child.”

Her husband, pediatrician Dr. Michael McKenzie, agrees. “I think it’s a great follow-up to the care that mothers take of themselves with their pregnancy, with what they are eating and drinking; they’re really taking care of their baby inside their body. I think to have a natural product to continue to do that and to promote the health of their babies is so important.”

The skin of babies is much thinner than it will be later in life. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to protect it with the right products. The best route to go is a natural skincare product to give babies the best start to the care of their skin. “As a pediatrician, I see babies with rashes all the time, and the majority of them are very nonspecific; just very sensitive skin,” Dr. McKenzie shared. “I’ve long held a belief that somewhere this is related to the chemicals in our world, and taking real care of having babies being bathed in the right stuff is by far and away the best way to start them off.”

The search for the perfect baby product doesn’t end with skincare. As babies grow, it’s important to fi nd a product to meet their nutritional needs as well. More and more parents every day are turning to supplements to fi ll in the gaps with their picky kids’ eating habits, and to teach their kids that good health is established by small steps every day to set good habits. However, many of the gummy vitamin manufacturers on the market today are more concerned with catchy marketing than providing solid nutritional benefits to the consumer.

So how do you know which product is best? It’s a numbers game. Many of the products that are widely available have only fi ve to seven nutrients and contain so much sugar that they are little more than candy. The best gummy vitamins boast much more than that — more than 20 nutrients, with 10 or more of those being nutrients essential for health. Good gummy vitamins should provide 100 percent or more of the recommended daily value of at least 10 nutrients. Finding a product that boasts a more complete nutritional formula for less cost allows parents to save while their children get more.

The marketplace for baby products isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Discerning parents everywhere are arming themselves with more advanced knowledge of what is healthy and most beneficial for their children, and the retailer who will find success is the one who can provide a natural line of products with proven benefits to protect every little miracle from their first day of life.


SOURCE: Global Baby Care Products Market Will Reach USD 66.8 Billion Globally in 2017 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/6/ prweb10834566.htm



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