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Testimonials – Meta Space – Remote Therapy

Pre and Post Operative Support

Skeptical of Course! How could one feel relief from the chronic pain of a degenerative hip and then receive relief before, during and after hip replacement surgery?  Long Distance Biofeedback Therapy.  Unbelievable! We have become believers!  Sun and Sandra have made us so!

My husband was not ready to have hip replacement surgery for an arthritic hip that was totally ‘bone to bone’ and delayed it for more than six years.  In the meantime, he needed some assistance to continue working. 

After searching for some answers from our medical doctors and several rounds of pain med injections with little success, we were told by a mutual friend that had faith in this type of therapy of how successful it was.  We came across the bridge from Michigan to Sun’s humble office.  She began working with acupuncture with him and then suggested Biofeedback Therapy.  We began researching it and decided to give it a try.  After all, if the Mayo Clinic supported it, why not? 

SUCCESS!  Something that gave him relief, of course, not 100%, as no amount of energy could replace the hip joint that was so worn from arthritis, but some relief.  The turning point of our skeptical view came when he had told me about a phenomenon he experienced.  I always asked how were you at work today?  He said, “It was strange, about 9:30 I felt a sensation of relief and realized the pain had lessened.. very strange!”  When we went to Windsor that evening, Sandra asked how he felt because she had given him a long distance session about 9:00 in the morning.  We both looked at each other and that explained this ‘strange event’. Since then my husband has had a total hip replacement.  As promised by these two professional women, it all went smoother than we anticipated.  This spirits, his movement improved, his pain has been lessened and his recovery is insight!  Sandra along with Sun’s guidance, is able to monitor and send relief as needed to him all through long distance therapy.  We are grateful for their concern, expertise and professionalism regarding his health and well being.      

Francis and Chris – Plymouth, MI

The first time I new anything about Biofeedback Therapy was in April 2012.  My husband Jack, suffered a heart attack while we were in Florida and ended up having a stent put in.  The doctor was concerned about his kidneys so he decided to keep him for 24 hours more and the following morning called saying there was trouble. We were very happy to know it wasn’t his kidneys but then found out his lungs were inflamed.  He was put on 100%  high  pressure oxygen and the doctors did every test they could, trying to figure out what he had.  We are from Canada and of course the insurance company was trying to fly him back to Canada because they were told this was going to be long term. After about 4 days and many rounds of antibiotics and steroids he started to get better and was released from the hospital on the 11th day.  

Jack had to be ready to drive our 41 ft motor home back to the Windsor area and our daughter and son in law and grandson were going to fly out and join us for the return trip.  Our plans were to take 4 days to get home.  Jack was the driver but they would help with hooking up and all the work.  Jack was very tired and I decided to call Dr. Sun to see if she knew any good acupuncturists in our area that did Eastern Medicine.  She told me she had something that might help and offered to do a session to see how it would go. She explained that it was Biofeedback Therapy and she could do it long distance and that she aided her parents in China.  I really did not know anything about what she was talking about but she had been treating Jack and me for about 10 years and we both had complete faith in her.  She told me to have him resting at a certain time for an hour, and to make sure there was no stimulation.  She did what it was that she did, which I didn’t know anything about and that night he had a very good night’s sleep and felt much stronger the next day. I called Dr. Sun and she made a schedule twice a week until we left. It was amazing. By the time we left he was completely able to drive the full distance and wasn’t as fatigued as you would expect him to be.  As a matter of fact he had a great summer and we went back to Florida the following November and spent 6 months, without any trouble with his heart, kidneys or lungs.   

The following year, Jack parked the coach and got everything ready.  He woke up with a terrible cough, the next day he was worse and I called an ambulance. They took him to the hospital and he went from emergency to the 4th floor, he had pneumonia. The next day I received an email from him that he was being transferred to ICU around midnight.  He called me the next morning and said they were going to do a bronchoscopy on him to look for fluids etc. When I went into the hospital that morning I found him on life support.  They said his oxygen had plummeted and they had to tube him. We went through a nightmare.  They said his lungs were getting worse and they couldn’t figure out what was happening to him.  I called Dr. Sun and she told us what to look for by using the Biofeedback system.  I can’t go through the whole thing but they had him so sedated that he wasn’t responding. Dr. Sun asked if he could have had a stroke because she saw no bowel activity.  I told her that they had paralzyed him and maybe that was what she was seeing.  When I got to the hospital that morning they told me they had done a cat scan on him because they heard no bowel sounds. Dr. Sun said she would stimulate his bowels and kidneys.  They had called in a kidney specialist also because his creatinine was going up and Jack had kidney damage from years ago and they were worried.  When we went into his room we heard him passing gas,  a very good sign and also the urine was just pouring out of him.  So things were starting to work again. Thanks Dr. Sun.  We finally had him taken off the sedative, that they were using on him.  I kept thinking there was a connection to what happened to him last year after the stent and I found out that it was the same medication that they had used on him in Florida.  I was sure that was what was inflaming his lungs.  I tell you I didn’t have an easy time convincing the doctor but he finally agreed to stop it and then he started to show improvement.  

Dr. Sun was concerned because she told me she saw no spirit, he was in a very deep sleep.  No one could get him to respond to the commands.  After 14 days they removed the tube from his mouth to his trachea and he was still not responding.  He would open his eyes a bit but no communication. Dr. Sun came to the hospital and talked with him.  She said, “Jack” and he opened his eyes.  “Do you know me?”  He nodded his head yes. She had him wiggle his eyes and look left and right and then told him to be strong and follow the commands of the nurses and they would remove the tube. Jack trusted her and she got him to respond.  The beginning of him getting off the vent.  

From that time on he started getting stronger.  Dr. Sun gave him Biofeedback Therapy three times a week and more often when necessary.  She kept telling me about fungus and to watch what they were giving him.  At one point he pulled out his feeding tube and was very confused and we found out they had him on a anti-depressant that was causing this behaviour.  We had it stopped and he started doing better.  Finally he was breathing on his own without the machine and just some oxygen.  The nurse put his feeding tube back in and he kept getting stronger.  He was complaining about a pain in his chest area. He was transferred back to the 4th floor.  Seven days later  they did a test on him to see why he was hurting so much, an endoscopy.  The doctor called me over and showed me his x-rays and asked, what I was seeing?  I could not tell what it was but he told me it was food packed and mixed with fungus.  He asked, “What else I saw?” I said, “Nothing.”  “Right”, he said, ‘”Where is the tube?”  It was no where near his stomach, it had been dripping into his esophagus.  That was the fungus that Dr. Sun kept talking about.  After a week of treatment with an anti-fungal medication his esophagus was clear and also his mouth and throat.  They were getting him up and trying to build his strength and endurance and Dr. Sun continued her Biofeedback sessions.  

He was then transferred to Rehab.  After this Jack received Biofeedback Therapy twice a week.  I stayed in contact with Sandra and Dr. Sun and let them know what his complaints were and they would balance his system, his heart, kidneys lungs and emotions, help him sleep better and keep his spirits up.  Jack is home now and is continuing to build strength and endurance.

Thank you Dr. Sun and Sandra for a job well done.  And also for the sessions you have given me along the way.  I am sure without them I would have gotten sick.  

I would trust Dr. Sun with my life and so would Jack.  

Jack and Diane Murtagh, McGregor, ON  

Exam Support

It was suggested by my mothers acupuncturist that we utilize Biofeedback Therapy to assist me with my college exams.  I had heard about Biofeedback being utilized with our Olympic team to aide their performance but the thought of it happening remotely sounded ludicrous to me. To pacify my mother I contacted the office and advised the dates and times of my exams.  What an incredible experience!  I experienced an inner calmness, clarity of thought, and an intense focus.  I was able to tune outside distractions out and easily recalled the information that I had studied. I walked away from each of my exams with the confidence of knowing that I had completed them to the best of my abilities.  I will be contacting their office again next semester for study and exam support. 

College Student – Ontario, Canada

In the spring of 2011, I accepted a job offer based on previous business credentials I’ve earned. Basically my employer needed the designation/certification I had to run his business.  

Imagine my surprise when I found out that a lapse of employment voided my credentials; bottom line – I wouldn’t be needed. Approaching my employer with the bad news, fully expecting the outcome would be that I would walk out the door that day.  To my surprise, they would be patient while I and if I, re-earned my credentials; providing the time worked.  

Securing a temporary extension to enable the business to run without a certified person, I was on my way.  No illusions though, I had to pass the exam or I’d be standing in the unemployment line.  

To ensure a passing grade I set to work studying in my off hours after work.  This was tough slogging as the material was rather dry, (legal related briefs) and after a challenging day at work, this amounted to a sleeping pill; evening after evening I fell asleep with the books in my hands.  I was getting nowhere!  Through a friend I heard about Biofeedback Therapy from Sun’s Acupuncture & Wellness Centre in Windsor, Ontario.  I didn’t know much about it, but what did I have to lose?  With living in the Greater Toronto Area, over four hours from the Centre I chose long distance therapy.

After a thorough intake session over the phone I was scanned through the long distance feature; an action plan was put in place to support my studying and help me achieve the desired results; a passing grade!  

Suggestions were made for stretches, exercising, when and what to eat for my body, with Biofeedback working on many key areas; my concentration/focus, energy level, mindset and assisting me in getting a proper nights rest. Through Biofeedback it was also determined that my studying would be most affective in the morning, when my concentrative powers would be at their peak.  

With just only three weeks before the exam, I had a mountain of lessons/material to plow through and retain. Biofeedback put all this into perspective (putting it into bite sized elements) and I was completely able to change my life habits around studying, retention and optimal living behaviour, to achieve my desired results. I noticed immediate improvements; elevated energy, focus, retention and best of all confidence!  I was no longer worried about the big day approaching; in fact it was now a challenge and I relished it; bring it on!  

Right up to the exam day I was monitored, given feedback, made adjustments and supplied with positive affirmations.

An exam in which 20% of the writers even pass; ended up a cinch for me.  As a matter of fact I achieved one the of the highest marks in the country!  

I give all the credit to Biofeedback Therapy, Dr. Sun and her staff’s efforts working on my behalf.  I simply had to pass this exam or be out of a job.  Enlisting Dr. Sun’s support was one of the best decisions I’ve made .    

Thanks really seems hollow; all I can say is that this is just one example of the power, influence and benefit of this great technology and proactive health approach.  I would recommend this therapy to anyone facing any kind of challenge, whether it is career, health, relationships or for personal reasons; or simply to support establishing a life balance.  

I’m so confident today in my abilities to rise to the challenge and excel, I’m embarking on my next journey; that is to gain my credentials in the United States too; something I’ve never done before. Onward and upward supported by the clout of Biofeedback and its positive support and affirmations – My goal – to get one of the highest marks in North America!    

PJC, Greater Toronto Area 

Menstrual Pain

My daughter has always experienced painful and delayed menstrual periods since her first at the age of twelve.  Often it would cause her to miss school and take pain medication.  I was encouraged for her to utilize Biofeedback Therapy through Meta Space, but I did not believe such therapy was possible nor did I understand how it worked.  However, my daughter began receiving therapy two – three times per week.  The results now speak for themselves.  My daughter is more relaxed now that her period is not as delayed.  She no longer needs to take pain medication as she is able to tolerate the cramping.  

I am very proud of my daughter as she is now competing to attend one of the top Universities in our country.  I am so pleased that she is free of pain.

Shelley, China

Tooth Sensitivity

I am a student at the University of Toronto and was ready to take the train home, when I started to experience excruciating pain in my back molar.  I was also experiencing head and jaw pain, as well as difficulty in opening my mouth.  I considered delaying my trip for a visit to the dentist, when I remembered a previous conversation I had regarding teeth sensitivity with my acupuncturist.  I contacted Sun’s Acupuncture & Wellness Centre and explained my situation.

I was advised not to worry and shortly after our conversation I began receiving Biofeedback Therapy through Meta Space. While I did not know how much I understood about the long distance therapy, I can be very opened minded when I am experiencing pain.  

In arriving at my destination, I relayed to my family that my pain and sensitivity were gone. Prior to returning back to school I received three other Biofeedback sessions in office.  I have had no reason to schedule a dentist appointment, as the pain and sensitivity has not returned.

YZ – University of Toronto Student 

Cancer Support

I am a Bladder Cancer survivor with diabetes.  After surgery I received seven rounds of chemotherapy. I have been receiving Biofeedback Therapy twice a week for the past three years.  I feel that Biofeedback has kept my appetite, attitude and energy levels strong.  At 81 years of age I am still able to climb four flights of stairs several times a day.

WS, China 

Digestive Support

I am a retired Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine  in Beijing, China.  I use to see between 30-50 patients a day for the last 35 years.  My body, mind and spirit energy has been low.  My digestive system has been out of balance due to gall stones.  I have had difficulty sleeping and often would wake early. I often felt foggy, anxious and lethargic.  Due to my physical state my blood pressure, sugar and cholestrol rose.  

Dr. Sun and I are good friends and she had suggested Biofeedback Therapy through Meta Space.  I questioned Dr. Sun on how I would receive this therapy with the distance between us? After learning about the benefits of long distance therapy I was willing to try.  My therapy began in March 2011.  After only two sessions I felt refreshed upon waking.  In the morning I had enough energy to exercise and started to realize my health was effected by my life style choices of over working, stress, lack of exercise and proper nutrition.  After eight treatments I was continuing to see improvements in my health and in May I joined a tour to attempt to climb Lu Shan a mountain here in my home land.  During this time  I continued to have a positive attitude and felt determined and strong.  

My goal has been to heal without gall bladder surgery while keeping my energy and digestive system strong . 

Biofeedback Therapy is helping me to reach this goal. 

Yixia, Beijing, China

For over forty years I have suffered with Lazy Bowel Syndrome.  I have been unable to feel any sensation that would alert my body, telling me that I needed to move my bowels.  Therefore my bowels rarely, if ever moved.  Over the years I have tried meditation, modifying my diet with an increase of water and fiber, all with no success.  In the end of June 2011, I began Biofeedback Therapy.  Since I live in Mississauga, Ontario, four hours from Sun’s Acupuncture & Wellness Centre in Windsor, I chose to utilize the Meta Space/Long Distance Therapy feature.  I started receiving therapy every other day. After only six sessions, I began feeling the sensation that my bowels were ready to move.  I was so happy to experience this sensation.  Six months later, I still receive long distance therapy a few times per month. For the first time in my life I am experiencing daily regularity.  I am very thankful and I am happy to continue utilizing this non-invasive and chemical free treatment. 

Wendy, Mississauga, ON 


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