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vitamind® Mind Enhancement Formula

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  • Helps support cognitive function
  • Supports healthy brain tissue
  • Adequate intake of B vitamins and antioxidants has been associated with optimal brain health
  • May help support energy levels
  • May help combat the negative effects of stress



vitamind® Mind Enhancement Formula

Vitamind is a safe and natural means to help support cognitive function, support energy levels, support healthy brain tissue and combat the negative effects of stress. It contains a special blend of ingredients which have been shown to support brain health, function and efficiency. Vitamind is not a stimulant. Vitamind allows the body to create a healthy maintenance environment for the brain naturally so it can perform more efficiently.

When the body fosters a healthier environment for the mind, the brain is more alert with greater mental acuity, without the need for stimulants. Incorporating Vitamind into a healthy diet and exercise routine can contribute to cognitive function, overall brain health and healthy energy and stress levels.

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