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Prime Vision Eye Health Formula

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  • Promotes healthy vision
  • Helps support healthy eye tissue and blood flow
  • Promotes healthy macular density
  • Helps to maintain eye health as you age
  • Uses recommended amounts of FloraGlo® lutein and zeaxanthin, as used in the AREDS2 study



Prime Vision Eye Health Formula

The nutrient combination used in Prime Vision Eye Health Formula is one of the most powerful eye health supplements available.

Prime Vision’s formula is based on the highly recognized and respected AREDS2 study, a multi-year research project identifying the top eye health nutrition nutrients to maintain healthy eyes in aging adults. Unlike other vision supplements on the market, Prime Vision contains the same ingredients in identical amounts as those used in the AREDS2 study.

The key ingredient in Prime Vision is FloraGLO® lutein – the first choice for retaining and maintaining eye health. Plus, our eye health supplement consists of additional nutrients – including zeaxanthin, vitamins and bilberry – to help maintain eye health as you age. Other eye health supplements may include these ingredients, but not in the amounts clinically studied and proven effective by AREDS2 researchers.

Among its benefits, Prime Vision promotes healthy vision by helping maintain lens transparency and the structural integrity of cone cells within the eyes. This eye health formula also helps support the health of the cells of the retina and blood vessels while promoting healthy oxygen and nutrient flow to the eyes, while helping to protect them from oxidative stress.

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